The Multi-Billion Dollar Software Company You’ve Never Heard Of

Over the past few months, I’ve been exploring the incredible growth and sustenance of Bloomberg L.P. Of course, its a private company and has been private for many years so there is limited public information about how they are doing. Suffice it to say, even with limited data, experts have estimated it is worth ~$45B. Bloomberg, itself, calls themselves the “central nervous system of global finance,” and I tend to agree.

Even more impressive, its held its place as the market leader for decades and has one of the highest software ACV’s in the cloud sector.

I pulled some research and thinking together in the deck below, to help frame what I call the Bloomberg Alt Roadmap. Its a high level outline on Bloomberg’s place in the market, its breadth of products, and hypotheses on where I think potential disruption will come from.

My thoughts are evolving and the market map I’ve put together on startups tackling this space is still very nascent. But if you have comments or ideas — or better — are a company innovating in this space — I want to hear from you!

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